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Hitting Rock Bottom by GigantaGiantessa Hitting Rock Bottom :icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 10 12 Rock'n the Goth look by GigantaGiantessa Rock'n the Goth look :icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 14 19
We Are So Lost : Part 1
Warning: Content contains hard vore, soft vore and mentions of vore practically throughout the story! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, you no likey? no ready! ...buttttt try reading it~ It's worth it
“We are so lost...”
“No we aren’t, I know what I’m doing!”
“Coming from the same guy who decided that going CAMPING was an appropriate way to spend the school holiday. What Kind of a teenager are you!”
James glared sharply in Richard’s direction, faking mock-hurt.
“...SEE this is why you couldn’t get a girlfriend for six years! ..” James said childishly, pointing an accusing finger at his best friend.
Richard smirked smugly, replying “Yeah, and now I’m dating ye sister!”  He laughed at James, sticking out his tongue, equally as childish as his older friend.
James snorted at that, rolling his eyes and decided to i
:icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 8 17
My Failed Attempt at a Rick by GigantaGiantessa My Failed Attempt at a Rick :icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 10 23 Makeup-less (Get it xD?)  by GigantaGiantessa Makeup-less (Get it xD?) :icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 17 27 closeup  by GigantaGiantessa closeup :icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 4 6 Sister Portrait  by GigantaGiantessa Sister Portrait :icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 5 11 My New Dress!!!  by GigantaGiantessa My New Dress!!! :icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 9 55 little Sister Selfie time!  by GigantaGiantessa little Sister Selfie time! :icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 6 19 im addicted to selfies  by GigantaGiantessa im addicted to selfies :icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 7 27 Guys xD I don't have a butt!  by GigantaGiantessa Guys xD I don't have a butt! :icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 14 59 Pretty Rose by GigantaGiantessa Pretty Rose :icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 8 15
Character Bio: Marzipan (Giantess)
Her backstory: Marzipan doesn't really have much of a back story being one of my more simple characters.
She has an older cousin named Stella whom hardly recognizes her as family.
Marzipan is desperate to have her older cousin see her as an equal and as a result does almost everything she tells her like a loyal puppy,including the fact Stella made her think that all humans are bugs and as such Marzipan HATES all things creepy-crawly related so you can imagine how that goes.
However, Marzipan is greatly influenced by Rusu and her human friends too and has since shown a more sweeter and gentler side to humans than she originally did.
FullName: Marzipan (Nick names include: Marz, Marzi and Panny)
Age: 13- 14 years old (Lolita character)  
Species: Giantess.
Gender: FEMALE!
Height as a human: None.
Height: as a giantess she is 59 feet tall,still being of young age and not having reached her f
:icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 16 8
Character Bio: Stella (Giantess)
Her backstory: As a young child,Stella was seen as weak by her mother and family and was abandoned.
This made Stella a hard and cruel person, She hates all things weak as a result as she reasons that they are not worthy of keeping around which is why she despises humans so much.
Stella was known around for her temper and psychotic nature that went along with how she slaughtered humans for fun.
The only friend in the world she has is her best friend Rusu, who saved Stella from the streets. She met Rusu when she was almost a teenager when the younger giantess didn't want to seem to leave her alone.
Stella was not used to this behavior as most people in the town had come to fear Stella as she grew older, Rusu was more of an annoyance to Stella who couldn't understand why the young girl was so drawn to her. But as the months passed and Rusu seemed to always be trailing behind her like a puppy dog, Stella had grown accustom to having her around and even enjoyed her company.
Rusu seemed to c
:icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 15 20
When I was a wee Lass by GigantaGiantessa When I was a wee Lass :icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 13 44 I looks like Chipmunk!!! by GigantaGiantessa I looks like Chipmunk!!! :icongigantagiantessa:GigantaGiantessa 25 95
''Art is the only way to run away without leaving home''

-- Twyla Tharp (quote)


:iconputyouinsanearthere: :iconsoweird77: :iconyaoi-vore: :icontitanicheroines:


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South Africa
Hello everyone :D thanks for taking the time to view my work!

My names Marion,not much to tell really?

I'm a 17 year old girl living in Africa.

I love art,writing and some photography,just random stuff like that if you check out my gallery.

I'm apart of the GTS and GT community on here (Giantess and giants groups)

thanks for da support~

check out my gallery if you have the time ^^

How I got into Giantess stuff ^_^

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 23, 2016, 12:42 AM

lol SO this was a frequently asked question :D so!!! I decided to share that story with you and the pretty interesting road that got me to the point I am now xD including as to why I like vore,if anyone is interested in that too.

Point being,its a pretty interesting story over all..and...long ^^;

SO sit back,have some popcorn and enjoy! Popcorn ~

SO it started when I was about 3 years old and I was at my aunt's house while my younger brother was in hospital while he was sick.

That particular morning I remember getting up and sitting by the tv when she put on the Borrowers movie (1997 version:… )

And I remember being oddly fascinated by the idea of smaller people,particularly when Arietty was caught and placed in a jar/fish bowl :D

Instead of looking at this from the audiences view who saw it from The borrowers POV, I was like 'I wonder what I would actually do if I found tiny people...'

 and that my friends,is what started a little spark. I then watched that movie like over and over and OVER! lol.

ANNND went on a movie marathon and watched like,ANY size content movie u can think of,I have the largest collection u can think of   O_o . . .

movies ranging from 'honey we shrunk the kids' to 'attack of the 50ft woman' Giggle I had an addiction,sue me :shock:

but the fascination didn't stop there (and I PRAY SO HARD that none of my friends or family see this :faint: Or imma die lol)

My brothers used to have army men and model cities and army sets,pretty well detailed stuff and I was instantly fascinated! espesh by the model city,it was designed for the kids to walk through so they can set up the buildings and people,so the streets were narrow enough to walk through and the houses came to one's ankles. I was 6 at the time and BOY did I love it!!!!

I had snuck that thing out whenever they were not home

 :bademoticon: I couldn't get enough! as a kid I was a 'cruel giantess' Blush sorry!-

 (BUT as I got older I realized people have FEELINGS and that stopped soon after I turned 13,BUT i'll get to that part later)

I feel SO bad now that im older Blush I broke my brothers poor army men and bit off their heads... and broke the city,cars and other model sets that took them MONTHS to paint every detail. I WAS A KID!!!! 

Kaori Fujimiya (Total Shyness) [V1] Im sorry brothers! >.<

so any way,I experimented a bit more as the years passed by,doing some pretty weird  ''&*%$@# Censored '' xD

so this was also how I got into vore,again I was 6 and I HAD ZERO CLUE that other people like this Censored! stuff.

In my middle room we have a light you can dim to brighter or darker,petty much any setting till its on its brightest of off. U know how that stuff works.

well! it gave me an idea,I was pretty creative as a kid. I had gathered every pink and red materiel u can THINK of and with the help of my older siblings (who for some reason didn't question why I did stuff like thaaaaatttt)

and we placed the blankets and so forth all over the floor in a frumbled mess,I also placed that on the curtains and got someone to help me pin it up on the walls,ect. It was quite the job,but like I said! I had QUITE the imagination as a kid.

  I think u can see where im going with this tho  . . .

and when I adjusted the light setting in the room...well have ya ever been in a cheap motel room? and the lights were really dim and kinda hurt ye eyes,but they had light bright blue curtains or pink and the walls were white? well ya would know then that the light kinda gave it that affect where the whole room had a soft glow of that colour,I forgot what you call it,BUT thats basically what I did to the room and it gave it the PERFECT soft pinkish red dark glow to be a stomach.

TA-DAH! real life RPG games xD  King Sombra Nom Icon  Big Mac Nom Icon Remake Mumba Noms Midnight Nom Icon ~
and it was a lot of fun,I often got my brother to join in the games by saying it was a "biology game" I was mean for a kid Nom Glomp WIP ish sowwy!

and it was easy to make it look like a mouth,Just got a mattress and placed a pink sheet on it,got some white pillows as teeth and yeah,with the imagination I had it was pretty easy to imagine the rest.

Basically I took a bowl of small choclates and would pretend said tiny was on it and what was happening to him was the full-scale stomach and mouth I had created from the room!

real life RPG yo. Real life RPG.

lol yeah,while most girls got barbies to have a princess ken..stuff? I dont even KNOW :D I NEVER played normal games with my barbies!!!! I got them for the soul purpose of being a giantess hahaha.

AGAIN! I SO PRAY no one ik finds this journal 0_0 . . . that be a new level of awkward Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1] I DO NOT wanna explain that to people lol :nuu: its bad enough my aunt knows. very weird that she likes it too. VERY.

makes for some odd situations in which I REALLY wanna leave the room.

at least its not as awkward as when I found out my mother likes giantess and vore ^^; that was pretty odd.

I was walking down the passage to go to my room as my sister was having a few of her varsity friends over annnnnnnd I DON'T like people that much,so I made a bee-line to my room.

But as I did,my sisters friends came in and ONE GIRL WAS SO FREAKING SHORT DUDE! she was a whole head and a half shorter than me xD :D and im ironically not tall,im average height.  and she was 21! SO !

but my mom walked by and legit started fan-girling over how small she was,but thats not the weird part. It got weird when she said she loves the idea of small people and would LOVE her kids to be as small as a MOUSE.

I legit stopped in my tracks like Shocked ?!

WHAT?! Noo

So I ended up asking her what she meant and she told me how cute it be if all her kids were as small as mice and she could keep them all safe...

IM ONE OF THOSE KIDS OKAY!? so it was FREAKY! espesh coz im not the tiny in situations!  

lol turns out,she has loved that as well as my aunt since they were both young teens. SO I INHERITED IT.

odd thought  . . .  OMG SHOCK. 

ANY WAY! thats all I can remember for now,if u have any questions comment below ^^

  • Listening to: We wish You a merry Christmas
  • Watching: Krampus
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  • Eating: cookies?
  • Drinking: COFFEE tis my BLOOD


HELLO EVERYONE! its been a while since I been on, taking care of my other account and all and getting it started :3 BUT I have something very special for you guys to watch that will maybe make up for my inactivity :D (I promise to start being on more once my secondary account is up and running properly ^^) HERE IT IS!

Today is my 6-month anniversary to the most AMAZING boyfriend in the world.. Heart Love who I couldn't love more. He has made two videos here that are totally worth watching.

here is the sweetest video ever he has made for me for our anniversary, go check it out its really sweet and gives you an idea as to why I love him so much.

ASLO here is another video where me and him are actually in a video together! check it out 2, YOU FINALLY GET TO HEAR MY VOICE/ACCENT IN THIS ONE :D ;P lol

go check out these two videos, hope you all have an amazing day OMG MOAR POEMS!

noe if yo'l excuse me... im gonna go cry in te bathroom .

Cry forever Miuna Crying Icon Hiyori Crying Icon 
hey guys,again sorry for my lack of inactivity.. now that im on my second account :iconjackthegiantsaver: it's my account for MALE GT stuff while GigantaGiantessa remains my giantess account!

SO I'm taking some time off here to focus on my second account and get some stuff on there, or else it shall be very blank O.e

I created two separate accounts for one reason: Yo'l picky  bastards...

see I LIKE BOTH giantess and male giants (as well as tinies) when I create all three on one account I get unfollowed and yelled at like you have a damn right to tell me what I can and cannot then,I have made the new account for male giants and this current one shall be for giantesses. 
Oh mah Angry Emoticon...

I think I am legit gonna be sick :o_o: . . .

I was drinking my tea and as I get to the bottom,I see a drowned bug.. now if that wasn't gross enough? this happened..

I was on the PC and got distracted with writing,so meh mug was in-front of me know that feeling when ur so busy and ur absently drinking ur tea...

Yeahhhh two swigs later I freeze up like..

"Oh sh-- Crazy Girl (Puke) [V6] "

I wanna puke so so so badly!

I know its my imagination but I swear I feel it

....I can't die from eating a bug,right?

that um, can't happen?
WHOOOOPPP finally have a SECOND ACCOUNT for all my girls and boys who wanted a separate account just for male GT stuff. SO GOOD NEWS! this current account will be my main account "GigantaGiantessa" will be strictly giantess content from now on, if u wanna see my male GT works feel free to follow my new account:

Whoooo hereeee is interested innn doing me a favor? I was hoping someone could draw a couples picture (none giant or giantess related, only same size) anime pic or cartoon or.. Even chibi picture of me and my boyfriend. Credit will be given to chu in my description when I post it in DA.. annnnnd ill put it as a cover for my deviantart if its good. Was hoping to have it done within a week. Anyone interested innn doing me a favor?


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